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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gypsy Living

This past weekend I had the awesome privilige of being involved in Trails West Festival in St. Joseph MO with my sister in law.  We decorated our tent like an old time traveling road show with pallets, an old steamer trunk, moss, sticks, lights...
What a great time!  Every morning we arrived early and set up our "tent"...

Great music played in the background, hundreds of people strolled through our tent each day, wonderful smells of food filled the air.  Other vendors shared their talents in their tents as well.

My newest spoons got great reviews which made my day!  I began to feel like a gypsy and started  thinking how I could easily live that life...Wearing long flowy skirts, selling my wares to passerby's, possibly try to tell a fortune or two... 

My sister in law Jen and I had such a great time together...talking to everyone about "The Gathering", about our passion for creativity and repurposing..we even one a blue ribbon (the first for both of us!) for our booth!  Which led to an interview on the local news station (which I look like a bobble head in!)!  
Sunday night was so sad!  Packing all of our stuff, knowing that on Monday it was back to 8-5, school was starting and our mini vacay of gypsy living was over.

Thank you to all that came out and showed us love!  We had a great time and hope to see everyone at "The Gathering"!!!