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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Balancing Act

For the first year my garden is not overrun by weeds!  It looks great it could almost be on the glossy pages of a magazine....except for the fact that this year there has been no rain and to compensate everything is smaller and drier.

My garden like life is a balancing act.  Finding the perfect balance between food, water, weeds, sunlight.  Just like in life finding the perfect balance between raising a family, working full time, trying to follow your passions, playing carpooler, housekeeper, counselor, and cook all in 24 hours.

Everyday is a struggle trying to find that balance and a lot of days I don't.  My weeds get overgrown (laundry piles up), the garden doesn't get fed its proper nutrients (hello McDonalds).  But for the most par,t if the priorities are kept in order....water and nuturing (Putting family first) then at the end of the day I have found my balance.  And I can wake up the next day...spend some time nuturing both my garden and my family and thank God for another day :)

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